Shop Services

The Lakeside Lodge golf shop is equipped to attend to all of your repair, fitting and equipment hire needs. Our staff are professionally trained and have had experience dealing with lots of enquiries. We offer the following services.


Within the golf shop, a full list of club repairs can be carried out. There’s nothing worse than clubs breaking or being in need of an upgrade and not knowing where to turn. Luckily, we are here to carry out a range of repairs and upgrades including fitting new shafts, replacing grips, re-gluing club heads, re-grooving clubs and club cleaning. We offer a hassle free way to keep your equipment in top condition regardless of age, make or club type.

Custom fitting

It is a myth that you are not good enough to get your clubs customised; whether a long-time low handicapper or just starting out, your game will improve by having your clubs. In truth, anyone can benefit from custom fitting and it really can make a difference to your golf game. You may or may not be aware, but the statistics regarding the tiny margin of error within the game are frightening. Did you know that a club being either too short or long by just 0.5” can result in poor posture, improper balance and poor ball striking? Few do, but a statistic such as that highlights the importance of a proper club fitting.

Our staff assess the shaft length, grip size, club lie (how the club sits on the ground), shaft material and shaft flex to determine the correct set-up for your game. Each aspect is measured and the adjustments made to suit your budget. Whilst there are benefits to your game technically through from a correct fitting, there are also health benefits such as reduced lower back pressure and joint pressure. For the senior golfer, a club fitting for health benefits alone is a worthwhile investment.

We provide a free fitting service on all brands held within the shop. Telephone 01487 741541 or call in the shop to take advantage of this service.

Hire of Equipment At Lakeside Lodge we're fully stocked to cater to everyone's needs whether that be a buggy for 18 holes on our wonderful Lodge Course, or club hire for Pitch and Putt course. We understand that not everyone will have equipment or be able to bring their own if travelling away from home so are fully stocked. The buggy and club hire prices can be found below.

Trolley hire  £3.00

Electric Trolley Hire (limited availability - must be booked in advance)  £7.50 or £10 with GPS

Club hire Par 3 Pitch & Putt  £1 per club

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