Teaching aids

At Lakeside Lodge Golf Academy, we use the latest innovative and effective golf training aids to help and improve your game quickly and permanently. We believe it really does assist the speed of learning. The following aids are used during lessons...

Boditrak Pressure Mat

The BodiTrak pressure mat system is a thin portable mat designed to capture the centre of balance during the golf swing. The BodiTrak analyses the player's centre of gravity during the swing and shows us the data so we can see your swing improve. We're the only facility in Cambridge to be able to offer this unique and fantastic piece of equipment! To book a session call our golf professional on 07966 303005 and book your lesson today.


FlightScope is a global high-tech company and leader in the development and manufacturing of 3D Doppler Ball Tracking monitors, Golf Radars and Launch Monitors for Sports. Originally founded in 1989 to measure projectiles for the defence industry, Flightscope has nearly two decades of experience in Doppler Radar technology applying this to golf where it measures 24 ball and club head parameters.


This 'State of the Art' training aid teaches the student to find the correct swing plane, turning your swing thoughts into feelings. Our pupils at LLGA can learn quicker by experiencing an action rather than through the spoken or written word. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner, 10 handicap golfer or a scratch golfer, it will give you a feeling like nothing else! Most pupils will feel the difference instantly and put it to the test. It is truly a great tool and we are delighted to have it available to our students.

GASP Systems video analysis

We use the GASP video teaching system that is used on SKY television! This has really helped us to separate FEEL from REAL, allowing the pupil to see their swing on the computer. The on-screen drawing tools and action replay facilities then enables us to help you quickly improve.

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